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Home Assistance

Our Call Centre operates 24/7 with a dedicated team. The Assistance Coordinators are trained to cope with emergency situations: understanding the insured’s needs and experienced in gathering relevant information. Our purpose-built Call Centre employs all relevant technologies to cope with our client requirements.

⇒ Our Home Network

Our Home Network includes Locksmiths, Glaziers, Plumbers, Electricians and General Builders.

⇒ Helplines
  • The HOME HELPLINE is a value-added service provided to aid a customer in a time of need.
  • The HOME HELPLINE is a referral system, where we put a householder who needs work carried out, in contact with a relevant Approved Professional.
  • All costs in this service are borne by the customer/householder.
  • Helplines are of benefit to the householder, as they only have to make one call in order to access a vast range of trade professionals.

Motor Assistance

Motor Assistance allows you to offer your customers complete peace of mind. If their vehicle breaks down or is immobilized for any reason, our service providers are on hand to provide an efficient, practical solution. Our network of service providers includes tow trucks and mobile mechanics.

⇒ How do customers access this service?

Each product has an individual phone number. The Motor Assistance could be on a referral system, where we put a motorist in contact with a relevant Approved Workshop or we could provide the additional link to arrange for other relevant assistance and make sure that the problem is attended to. Your customers simply call this number. The call will be answered in your company’s name: therefore the goodwill generated from the assistance service will accrue to your company.


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